Cathy Peterson Cofounder of Creative Accounting ServicesSince 1976, we have been dreaming with our clients and working to make those dreams come true.

Yea, ok. Everyone makes fun of accountants. “Bean Counters”, right? We get it and can laugh at ourselves too.

But, there is something special in being able to survey a situation and find the gold in the pile. Our hearts really are to see dreams come true. If we can help position you for that, our mission is accomplished. This is why we have stayed true to our mandate for personalized service.

Creative Accounting Services was co-founded by Cathy Peterson and her mother a long time ago. She has worked with many, many clients over the years and has seen just about everything Congress and the IRS likes to throw at the tax process. With her experience and a keen eye for detail, you can rest assured that every nugget that can be found will be found.

Concerned about the tax code changes for 2018? Click the link below to get a free article on seven things you can do to minimize your tax impact in 2017.